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The student news site of Argyle High School

The Talon

The student news site of Argyle High School

The Talon

6 Minutes: For a Lifetime of Honor

March 18, 2023

Every year, over 58,000 Naval veterans pass away. These sailors, whether on active duty, retired, or part of the military reserves, served honorably. In recognition of the honorable service, they are entitled...


March 16, 2023

A young man goes on a trip with friends, but water gets in the way. The isolated cabin becomes a mental battleground of guilt and angst as he struggles with the loss of his father. Direction, film,...

Test Distress

March 14, 2023

In this exaggerated world where everyone has "scores" which measure your value can be affected by things like test scores or life achievements. But bad scores can ruin your life you're at the bottom. The...

If Not Me, Then Who?

March 13, 2023

Everyday people living in Pottsboro, Tx risk their lives showing incredible kindness by volunteering for the local fire department. These volunteers do everything to give back to their community. If they...

Victoria Forest

March 11, 2023

Deep into a forest, a father and daughter prepare for a day-long journey. Both are in grief, and neither of them are comfortable around the other. As they continue through the forest, they bond through...


March 9, 2023

After the horrific death of a close friend, a group of teenagers goes into the woods to mourn their lost one. They begin to tell old stories and share a few laughs, but the group begins to fall apart when...

The Life Of An Onion

March 7, 2023

The life of an onion shows the story of the planting, growth, and harvesting of an onion. It is meant to be reflective on all the effort and time that goes into the food we eat. Ryan Mackereth-Grip,...

Survivor’s Pursuit

March 5, 2023

At just eighteen years old, her innocence and the life that she knew were taken away from her in one violent, traumatic night. Trying to keep her pain a secret and suppress her emotions, she continued...

Bunkbed Procedures

March 2, 2023

Evie has just turned five. She’s a very big girl now, not scared of anything, but tonight is the first night with the monster under her bed. Evie’s monster, Eek, is fresh out of school and ready to...

Stick Man Fight 2

February 28, 2023

Two stick men arise from the grave for another chance at survival. Directed, animated, written by BRADY SANBERG This video was produced and created by the UIL Film Team, a part of The Talon News...

Last Dance

February 25, 2023

While walking in the city, a woman sees a lovely flower shop that reminds her of her husband. She's going to see him because he's been away. When she gets to the graveyard, she is reminded of how much...

Fearless Wonderer

February 22, 2023

A fearless wonderer ruminates over William Blake's Tyger. Poem by William Blake Director Jack Myers Artist Jack Myers Animation Jack Myers and Grace May Audio Mix Grace May Voice Actor...

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