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Go-Photo Membership

So you want pictures of your kid being a kid? Well you’ve come to the right place!

If you haven’t already filled out a Go Photo Membership form, please get a form from one of our staffers and return the form to the high school office with a check or cash.

If you still aren’t able to find the answer to your questions, email our advisor, Caroline Robertson.


What is a ‘Go-Photo Membership’?

A Go-Photo Membership is a program that is run by Argyle High School’s student publication The Talon. Basically, whenever you signup for a membership you are put on a list that we give each photographer before they go on a shoot. This way they are aware who is part of the program and who to focus on taking photos of. Once a photo has been taking of your son/daughter it is processed by our staff and then posted to a password-protected gallery on our photos website You are then free to download digital copies of the photos or buy discounted prints. 

What are the benefits of this ‘Go-Photo Membership’?

Members of our Go-Photo program receive many benefits. First and foremost, each Go-Photo member will receive the best 25 photos of their son/daughter over the course of a semester for only $50 (with prices singular photos starting at $5, you save almost 50%). This includes classroom photos, pep rallies, athletic events, band performances, or whatever else they are involved with at Argyle High School. The second major benefit our members receive is discounted printing costs. Although digital downloads are free, some parents opt to also have their photos printed through our professional lab affiliates. Imagine professionally printed 4×6’s for only 75¢ or 12×18’s for only $7.95. Also, all proceeds from the Go-Photo program funnels back into Argyle’s journalism program, who are responsible for @TheTalonNews on both Instagram and Twitter. So become a Go-Photo member, sit in the stands, and enjoy watching your kids grow up. We’ll be on the sideline making sure you have the best photos to remember them with! 

How often is my gallery updated?

The time varies depending on the time of the year and our staff’s current workload. Please contact [email protected]  if you have any questions. 

How do you decide which photos are the ‘best’?

Our photographers have won numerous awards at local, state, and national levels so we think it is safe to say that whatever photos end up in your gallery, they will be good 🙂 

What if I found a photo that I like that isn’t in my gallery?

If you haven’t reached your 25 photo max, then just email [email protected] the link to the photo you like and we will place it into your gallery. Otherwise, you will have to purchase that photo individually. 

Okay I’m sold. How do I become a Go-Photo Member?

All you have to do is fill out the form and return it to the front office at AHS with your payment enclosed!

Can I pay with a credit card?

Go to our RevTrak payment system and pay online.  For “reason” put you student’s name, sport and jersey #.  Fill out the form and send to [email protected]


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