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Travis Scott Burger

McDonald's new Travis Scott burger has become a sensation. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

Sam Mykel, Co-Sports Editor

October 5, 2020

Houston rapper Travis Scott recently announced a collaboration with McDonald’s, adding a new item to the menu: “The Travis Scott.” The Travis Scott is a hamburger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup on it, along with a medium Sprite and a medium side of french fri...

Lady Eagles Look to Finish Season Strong

The Argyle Lady Eagles defeat Ponder at Argyle High School on Sept. 1, 2020. (Katie Ray / The Talon News)

Laney Richardson and Laini Ledet

October 1, 2020

With their winning record of 15-6, the Lady Eagles are halfway through district play and are looking to finish strong. This Friday, the Lady Eagles will take on Springtown at 4:30 p.m. for their homecoming game. "Our biggest accomplishment has been coming together and meshing as a team with nine new...

The Limp to 270 (At the Moment with Billy Mykel)

As election day approaches, several key elections remain unpredictable. (Billy Mykel/The Talon News)

Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor

September 29, 2020

As the day of the first Presidential debate arrives in the wake of political wildfires and the nation begins preparing for a bare knuckle night on November 3rd, the outcome of the election seems increasingly unpredictable. Even so, the importance of staying informed and aware of current events is astr...

A Beacon To Us

The Aug. 4th explosion in Beirut and the subsequent fires have devastated the beautiful city. (mehdi shojaeian عکاس: مهدی شجاعیان is licensed under CC BY 4.0)

Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor

September 25, 2020

A large storage of ammonium nitrate explosives at the main port in Beirut, Lebanon exploded without warning on Aug. 4, stunning the Lebanese people and the world. “My initial reaction was one of shock and terror," first-generation Lebanese-American Rosette M. Elghossain Psy. D said. "My brain couldn'...

College Life With Covid-19

Colleges across the nation are attacking the corona virus differently. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder, Director of Web and Digital Content

September 21, 2020

As COVID cases continue to rise, colleges across the country are implementing precautions and plans largely through trial and error.  “I kind of got lucky that whenever I got here [the university] there was no one else here,” freshman at University of Missouri Jaclyn Harris said. “I got to tak...

Trash Builds Up On Campus

Litter has become a big issue at the high school (Stacy Short/The Talon News)

Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor

September 18, 2020

As the student body nears its sixth week of school and the pandemic enters its seventh month, many things have become overlooked in the day-to-day grind. With both students and teachers (who are really just trying to make it through the year) being pulled in every direction, the image of the Argyle campus ...

The CJ Way

Senior CJ Rogers begins his first season as a starter on the varsity football team. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

Sam Mykel, Co-Sports Editor

September 17, 2020

The crowd quiets as the ball flies through the air. It’s fourth down and the Eagles need this conversion like their life depends on it. Luckily, senior quarterback CJ Rogers is the one throwing it. His pass goes right into the hands of his receiver, and not only do the Eagles get the conversion, but ...

The Race For Second (At the Moment with Billy Mykel)

Experts raise questions as the presidential race heats up. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor

September 14, 2020

The upcoming presidential election is set to be one of the most divisive in America’s history, made even more so with accusations of executive overreach, insider trading, and sexual misconduct against both candidates. In the incredibly muddy waters of 2020 political ethics, the vice presidential c...

COVID Affects College Admission Process

Coronavirus has caused many difficulties for incoming freshman applying to college. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

Gracie Hurst, Reporter

September 9, 2020

The coronavirus has impacted the way colleges conduct admission and approach prospective students.  The pandemic highlighted the socioeconomic differences between lower-income students and higher-income students. In response to COVID, many universities decided to have a test-optional policy for this...

New Students, Teachers Deal with COVID-19 Precautions

New Assistance Principal Taylor Gilbreath learns how to navigate a new school during a pandemic. (Josh Fritz / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder and Ashlynn Roberts

September 3, 2020

As the entire district is learning to adapt and overcome, new students and teachers are being thrown into an even more challenging set of circumstances.  “I’m glad things are working out, but I’m wondering how long it’s going to last,” new English and Journalism I teacher Mike Birnbaum s...

Insights on Virtual Schooling

Virtual students meet through google meets (Nicholas West/The Talon News)

Laney Richardson, Junior Reporter

September 1, 2020

Our world has been turned upside down, and we now have a "new normal." From how we greet each other to how we go out to dinner, life has drastically changed. We left for spring break excited about having a week off from school, only to find out that we would not return to school at all. The country was...

Tik Tok Flop (At the Moment with Billy Mykel)

President Donald Trump signed an executive order giving Tik Tok a deadline before being banned (Nicholas West/The Talon News)

Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor

August 31, 2020

In terms of controversial headlines, rarely does executive action through economic emergency powers against software developed by hostile foreign powers make the cut. Then again, rarely is the targeted software a hit sensation among America’s youth. Late on August 4, President Trump issued executiv...

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