Track Wrap Up


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Kieran Hanlon running the 400 at the Area Track Meet.

Avery Austin, Reporter

As the track season comes to a close, the track members reflect on their season. For some it was their last season ever, for others it was the beginning of running for the next four years.

“This track season was probably my favorite,” Sophomore Madison Peltier said. “I got to become really close with my teammates. I also got to be on the 4×4 for the first time ever.”

After Senior Laura Lotze ran her last 100 ever she reflects on the race.

“After running I was sad because I realized it was the last time I would ever run,” Lotze said.

Sophomore Madison Peltier completed the 300 hurdles at the region track meet.

“I felt okay about my race,” Peltier said. “I had to run early in the morning and was kind of tired so I didn’t run my best. Overall I’m happy about the way I performed.”

The girls 4×4 relay got fifth place in finals at region, which is exciting for them because last year they didn’t make it past prelims.

“I was really proud of my team,” senior Maddy Haynes said. “I had a lot of motivation to run better than we did the year before because I wanted to end on a better note. We made it to finals and so that was a step up from last year.”

The seniors reflect on their last meet ever.

“I’m going to miss all of my friends and Coach Olson mainly,” senior Kieran Hanlon said. “She became like a second mom to me and has pushed me harder than anyone. I’ll also miss running the races and traveling to competitions like at Texas Relays, Region, and State.”