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Angel Tree Begins with Holiday Season

Izzy Lester, Cate Clark, Brady Sanberg, and Ashley Henderson December 25, 2021

  The Christmas season is one of utmost importance and joy to people around the world, especially for those who eagerly await Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. However, some kids are unable to...

Freshman english teacher Sydney Arrington   reviews her lesson plans.

Paying It Forward

Abigail McCarroll and Ashley Henderson December 10, 2021

When she was sixteen her mom got sick. She stopped trying in school and sometimes wouldn’t even go to school. Her English teacher was like a second mom for her reached out, and helped her get through...

Making a Name for Herself

Izzy Lester, Cate Clark, and Brady Sanberg December 10, 2021

A whole new town in a whole new state, full of a whole new variety of people and opportunities. For most, a fresh year at a new school is a terrifying and grueling experience, and in no way is attention...

Honoring Local Argyle Veterans

Gabrielle Dininni, Reporter November 22, 2021

According to Denton County residents, November 11 isn't a day like any other. Veterans day is a day for family and counting blessings. There are people all over the world that have been through unimaginable...

Girls soccer team celebrates senior Emma Sheehans signing.

Seton Hall Signing to Play Soccer in Fall 2022

Ashley Henderson, Editor November 18, 2021

After getting kicked out of ballet for being too energetic, she fell in love with soccer. Starting at three years old, the game has now changed her life forever. Despite facing challenges presented...

Carmen’s Famous Italian Hoagies in the Reading Terminal Market. 
(Ella Cuneo | The Globe)

Cheesesteak Connection

Opening the big, red door of Reading Terminal Market, the aroma of fresh-baked goods and the taint of seafood wafts through the air. After COVID-19 limited business for nearly two years, the hustle and...

Frank Griffan hangs out with his friends and takes in the beauty of the city. Griffan was born and raised in Philadelphia. “I’ve lived in Philly all my life, its my favorite place on Earth,” Griffan said.

BMX Strangers in Philadelphia

Nicholas West, Director of Photography November 14, 2021

Streets of Philadelphia

Streets of Philadelphia

Owen Norkett and Jacob Stroupe November 14, 2021

Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love (as it is derived from its original Greek translation) is often seen as something that is quite the opposite of a loving place. In fact, many from...

Teacher Jessica Reynolds and Argyle debate team drive home after a successful scrimmage in Joshua. (Jessica Reynolds)

Debate: A Standard of Success

Grant Parris, Editor October 28, 2021

Students file in one by one through the door into Debate Teacher Jessica Reynolds’s room, where they begin to take their seats and set their bags down. Everyone looks around, anxious to see their friends...

Eagles take homecoming game vs Terell on October 22, 2021.

‘Coming Home’

Alex Daggett , Special Contributor October 22, 2021

Fall is leaves changing color, crispy air, cool breezes, sweaters, and homecoming.  This Friday the football team will be playing their homecoming game against Terrell with a dance following on Saturday.  Homecoming...

Freshman English teacher Melanie Henderson works at her desk.

Balancing Priorities

Cate Clark, Reporter September 20, 2021

Experiencing life to the fullest while balancing priorities. Freshman English teacher Melanie Henderson is always looking for the next adventure. As a teenager, she biked from Virginia to Florida with...

Vedant Tripathi walks around the room to monitor his pre-calculus class. (Sam Mykel | The Talon News)

Coming to America

Sam Mykel, Editor September 7, 2021

A collegiate men’s volleyball player and an avid cricket player at home, math teacher Vedant Tripathi really just loves taking care of his lawn.  As a young boy, he grew up in the blistering heat of...

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