Band Wins ‘Sounds of Fall’


©The Talon News | Cate Clark

The Eagle band wins first place in their first competition of the season.

Jonah Bird, Reporter

The marching band won their first 5A competition of the year, Sounds of Fall, on October 1st in Princeton, Texas. The band competed against 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A bands from all across the DFW area. Along with winning 1st place, they also received captions for Music, Percussion, and Auxiliary.

The band began working outside of school in late July. Practices start three weeks before school to start putting together the music and drill. They work 14 hours a day for those three weeks in the hot Texas heat and then work for more than 7 hours each week during the school year.

The band is set to compete in 4 other competitions this year, including UIL Area and several BOA competitions. BOA stands for Bands of America, which is an organization run by Music For All. These competitions are nationwide with regionals and super regionals across the country. The Argyle band will be competing in the Waco regional at McLane Stadium and the San Antonio super regional at the Alamo Dome.

Transitioning into 5A this year, the band grew from 110 to 140 students. However, despite growth, the Argyle band is still smaller than most of the other 5A bands in Texas. As they gear up for these competitions, the band is more ready than ever to prove that they can still take the competitions home. 

“It was so amazing [to win] because we proved to the community that we were good enough to compete in 5A,” drum major, Abbi Halvorson, said.