Class Ranks to be Released


Valedictorian of the 2019 graduating class, Timothee Davis, giving his speech at graduation on May 21, 2019 at the UNT Coliseum. (Jaclyn Harris / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder, Co-Writing Editor

With the second semester beginning, class ranks will be announced in the coming weeks. They will be released in a stagger according to grade level, starting with seniors. You can find your rank in the report card section of your Skyward.

Rank is particularly important for juniors and seniors for calculating whether they are in the top 10% for college admissions. Colleges such as Texas A&M and the University of Texas have automatic admissions for students in a certain percentile of their class. To calculate the top 10%, multiply the total amount of students in your class by .10 and compare your rank accordingly.