Academic Teams Soar to New Heights


Argyle High School captures its twelfth consecutive district title on March 27, 2019 at Argyle High School. (photo provided by Kimberly Kass)

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

The Argyle academics team soared above the competition and won its 12th consecutive District Championship, earning a combined 1,028 points. This marked one of the highest-scoring seasons in school history. Fifty-three students qualified for the regional competition and will travel to Lubbock to compete from April 11-13. 


Accounting (First Place Team):
1st- Gracie Williams

2nd- Jaylen Reed

3rd- Parker Weitzer

4th- Nate Atwood


Calculator (First Place Team):

1st- T Davis

2nd- Jack Young

3rd- Audrey Livingston

4th- Brandon White


Computer Apps:

1st- Patrick DeSpain

2nd- Sonali Gandhi

3rd- John Krzysiak


Computer Science (First Place Team):

1st- Kunal Gahlawat

2nd- Jaxon Rait

4th- Christian Tran

5th- Jasmine Ball


Copy Editing:

1st- Sarah Crowder

6th- Jaclyn Harris


CX Debate:

1st- Savanna Lessley and Morgan Stone

2nd- Carlin Clark and Tristan Ball


Current Issues (Second Place Team):

3rd- Jacob Morgan

4th- Blake Cooper


Editorial Writing:

2nd- Sarah Crowder

3rd- Trinity Flaten

4th- Jaclyn Harris


Feature Writing:

1st- Ashlynn Roberts

2nd- Sarah Crowder

3rd- Jaclyn Harris


Headline Writing:

1st- Mark Mirelez

3rd- Sarah Berney


Informative Speaking:

1st- Billy Mykel

2nd- Savanna Lessley

3rd- Tristan Ball


LD Debate:
1st- Joe Thompson

2nd- Billy Mykel

3rd- Nick Loveday


Literary Criticism:

1st- Chloe Livingston

2nd- Gracie Hurst

3rd- Elizabeth West

4th- Blake Cooper


Mathematics (First Place Team):
1st- Kunal Gahlawat

2nd- Matthew Darnell

3rd- Vidit Tripathi

4th- T Davis


News Writing:
1st- Trinity Flaten

2nd- Jaclyn Harris

3rd- Ashlynn Roberts


Number Sense (First Place Team):
1st- Ryan Ross

2nd- Kunal Gahlawat

3rd- Vidit Tripathi

4th- Matthew Darnell


Persuasive Speaking:

1st- Morgan Stone

2nd- Eric Gianguilio

4th- Landon LeBoeuf


Poetry Interpretation:

1st- Jackson Barnes

2nd- Alex Govea

3rd- Peyton Deffenbaugh


Prose Interpretation:

2nd- Jenna Schnabel

3rd- Carlin Clark

6th- Caden Reeves


Ready Writing:

1st- Miranda West

2nd- Tatum Gregston


Science (First Place Team):

1st- Dylan Hargroves (2nd chemistry, 2nd physics)

2nd- Matthew Darnell (1st chem, 1st physics)

3rd – John Robertson(2nd bio)

4th- Lauren Allen (1st bio)

5th- John Schermerhorn

6th- Michael Gilbert

Social Studies (First Place Team):

1st- Alex Gomez

2nd- Jacob Morgan

3rd- Colin Crawford

6th- Andrew Gibson

Spelling (First Place Team):

2nd- Grace Laws

4th- Gracie Hurst

5th- Allie Long

Journalism Team: First Place

Speech Team: First Place

One Act Play:
District Advancing Play
BiDistrict Advancing Play 
Area Qualifier

OAP Cast and Crew
Gracie Arthur
Jackson Barnes
Berret Buvinghausen
Carlin Clark
Peyton Deffenbaugh
Alex Govea
Javier Govea
Grady Henexson
Damien Hirschhorn
Gracie Johnson
Kadyn Kozminski
Zach LaCrosse
Milan McKenna
Colby Raasch
Blake Ramsey
Will Ramsey
Caden Reeves
Kate Repp
Mikayla Simmons
Ty Smith
Raleigh Turner
Avery Winter
Izzy Wolf
Bella Zindel