Heat Waves (Weather Weekly)


©The Talon News | Kristjan Feltes

Kristjan Feltes, Weather Reporter

Have you ever been through multiple days at 90°F? Well if you have, you have likely been through a heat wave. A heat wave is a span of hot weather that lasts for two or more days and exceeds the historical temperature averages in the area.

A heat wave is the result of trapped air underneath a high-pressure system. The high-pressure system pushes air downwards so temperatures cannot regulate like they normally would. When this happens, the hot air that is trapped beneath the system will just get hotter. There’s also little to no moisture in these systems. This means that no rain and little cloud cover will occur, making it even hotter as there’s nothing to help cool the air. The heat waves get even worse if they sit in one spot for several days thanks to a weak low-pressure system. 


©The Talon News | Kristjan Feltes

Heat waves are nothing to mess with, as they kill more people than any other severe weather combined. Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and other heat-related illnesses can occur from heat waves. It’s important to know what heat waves can do to you and to stay hydrated during these events to prevent heat-related illnesses. Remember to stay weather aware!