Crazy Texas Weather (Weather Weekly)


©The Talon News | Isaiah Sheets

Don’t like the weather in Texas? Just wait 15 minutes. (Isaiah Sheets/ The Talon News)

Kristjan Feltes, Weather Reporter

Crazy Texas weather is something we all experience. One day it feels like 32°F and the next day it’s 75°F. As Texans, we ask ourselves “What’s up with this roller coaster ride of temperatures?” Well, I will explain this as simple as possible.

Texas is a massive state with various terrains and climates. Out in the west, it is dry and hot, down south, it is humid, in the north it’s dry, cold, and wet and to the east, it’s and hot as well and pretty humid.

The variety of climates are mainly caused by cold fronts and warm fronts. These rapid warm spikes are due to the relative locations near the Gulf of Mexico, where moist air is picked up by the warm front and brought straight up to North Texas. But, what follows a warm front is a cold front, and that’s where these drops in temperature come from. Cold and dry air from Canada is brought down by the cold front and moved straight down to Texas.

We hope that we have normal temperatures for at least one week, but with these rapidly changing weather patterns and our location near the equator, it’s unlikely that we will see normal temperatures. But if it ever happens, enjoy it while it lasts! Remember to stay weather aware!