Cyber Monday to Exceed Black Friday


©The Talon News | Trinity Flaten

With outrageous sales on all kinds of items, people flock to online websites on Cyber Monday to save money on Christmas gifts. (Trinity Flaten / The Talon News)

Abigail Briles and Trinity Flaten

Black Friday is an iconic part of the American holiday season. It takes place the day after Thanksgiving and comes with crazy sales at every store. During the day people go out and buy Christmas presents, or things for themselves. Cyber Monday, which comes only a few days after Black Friday, is quickly moving in on the event’s classic holiday experience.

Online shopping has become the new normal, surpassing Black Friday.

Most people now do all of their Christmas shopping online. Many are beginning to avoid stores due to the hassle of Black Friday crowds. In 2017, 69 percent of shoppers said they’d plan to shop on Black Friday, while 71 percent of shoppers said they were planning to shop on Cyber Monday (source: Cyber Monday is slowly growing, bringing a slow to Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday is less effort. As it is online, it isn’t necessary to drive out to your favorite shops or a mall to find what you need. With the ease of online access, consumers can travel, spend time with family, or even go to work instead of having to spend time in lines on Black Friday. With the success of Cyber Monday, several stores like Toys R Us, Kmart, and Sears are going out of business because of online shopping.

Although on Black Friday customers get the automatic satisfaction of having the desired product, there’s the pressure of lines, fights, and the scare of limited supply. Just this year, 117 consumers were injured while trying to shop on Black Friday and even five people were killed. On Cyber Monday provides a shopping experience from the safety of your own home. With Black Friday also comes the stress and pressure of getting the right Christmas gifts. This year, a man had a heart attack while shopping on Friday — leading to his death. On Cyber Monday, there may also be limited supply, however, there is the option of other online stores and sites rather than the one store shoppers choose to wait in lines at.

While some enjoy shopping in-person, the benefits of Cyber Monday outweigh the positives of in-store Black Friday shopping.