Clubs Offered During Mega Lunch


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Mega Lunch starts with a bang, as many clubs make their debut accompanied by clubs making a comeback on Sept. 14, 2018. (Trinity Flaten / The Talon News)

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

This past week, mega lunch was added to the schedule for students and staff. This hour-long lunch will allow students to get tutoring help, socialize with friends, and have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and organizations. Each club has a specific goal, yet they all were created so students can meet others that share similar passions and goals as them.

Below are the courses offered this school year. Clubs marked as ‘A’ occur during the first 30 minutes (12:05-12:35) and ‘B’ organizations last the last 30 minutes (12:35-1:05).

Monday A:

  • Challenge Day Club (Lecture Hall)
  • Thesbian Club (Black Box)
  • Board Games Club (Room 504)

Monday B:

  • Ping Pong Club (Auxillary Gym)
  • National Honor Society (Lecture Hall)
  • Anime Club (Room 305)
  • Board Games Club (Room 512)

Tuesday A:

  • Taco Tuesday (Lecture Hall)
  • Walking Club
  • Debate Club (Room 616)

Tuesday B:

  • Adulting 101 (Library)
  • Chess Club (Room 201)
  • BPA (Room 427)

Wednesday A:

  • Robotics Club (Room 318)
  • Circle of Friends (Lecture Hall)
  • Quiet Room (Room 101)

Wednesday B:

  • Spanish Club (Room 415)
  • Sign Language Club (Room 105)
  • Guitar Club (Room 205)

Thursday A:

  • Student Council Club (Lecture Hall)
  • Quiet Room (Room 101)
  • Book Club (Library)
  • Video Game Club (Room 508)

Thursday B:

  • Puzzle Club (Room 104)
  • Fishing Club (Pond)
  • “Do Gooders” Club (Lecture Hall)
  • Movie Club (Room 509)
  • Ping Pong Club (Auxillary Gym)

Friday A:

  • Coloring Club (Room 201)
  • French Club (Room 317)
  • Digital Video Club (Room 204)
  • Debate Club (Room 616)

Friday B:

  • Art Club (Room 305)
  • KindLife (Room 303)