Fine Arts Classes Deserve Recognition


©The Talon News | Ashlynn Roberts

The art hallway offers many unique drawings, paintings and architectural displays. (Ashlynn Roberts / The Talon News)

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

Although fine arts have been a part of American society for thousands of years, their importance has recently been questioned by numerous people. Many wonder the true value of these classes when core skills such as math, science, and history aren’t taught. Although the classes don’t teach book lessons, there are still countless reasons why they should be valued and appreciated.

A recent study conducted by Americans for the Arts found students participating in fine arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement than those who aren’t. Taking classes such as theatre, band, choir and art provide them with knowledge that can’t be learned in any other class. They teach skills such as teamwork and confidence, helping students grow their understanding of all courses.

Most importantly, fine arts classes provide people with opportunities to meet those who share similar talents and passions as them. Confidence levels are boosted and personalities thrive when they participate in activities they love. Students are more willing to open up and be themselves when in their natural environment surrounded by people who appreciate them. These classes play a vital role in developing character in people of all ages.

Fine arts classes are arguably the most important classes to take in high school. They enrich personalities, teach important life lessons and help students express themselves in various ways. Without these courses, the student body would not be as diverse and many students wouldn’t have any extracurriculars to take part in. Not only the high school, but our entire world would be negatively impacted without fine arts classes.