Baseball Breaks Record in State Tournament

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Baseball Breaks Record in State Tournament

Jordyn Tarrant, Reporter

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Argyle ended a remarkable season by bringing home the gold and making history as the first team to go undefeated in 15 years. The team ended with a 37-0 record after defeating Sweeny in the State Championship on June 8th.

The Eagles also took home the No. 1 rank in the nation as the only undefeated team this week in the State Tournament.

“We can talk about being undefeated, we haven’t wanted to talk about it all year and we can talk about it now.” Coach Griffin said. “Bryson Hudgens, he’s had a sore shoulder, he’s worked on it and worked on it, and tonight, he threw as good as I’ve seen him throw.”

The result of the game came down to one 5-run inning.

Junior Brenden Dixon scored the first run of the game in the sixth inning after a hit to right field and an overthrow to third, bringing him in. Followed by Hudgens, senior pitcher, with a two-RBI double, Gonzales with an RBI walk, and Merka with an RBI single.

Hudgens, a senior pitcher, and MVP said: “Although I’m very thankful, my goal was not to be MVP, my goal was to win a State Championship, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Hudgens pitched close to a perfect game with only two hits, coming from Quinton Martin and Cord Filipp.

When asked what the motto “The 24” means to Junior Dillon Carter, he said; “It brings everybody together if you are having a bad day you know the rest of the team will trust you and you trust them. It’s just a family thing.”

Between the 37-0 record and team camaraderie, this season has truly been one of a kind for players and fans alike.

Hayden Clearman, the junior right fielder, explained why this year has been different than the past two years he has played for Argyle, “This team has incredible teammates and chemistry, we know everybody, we are brothers.”


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