How to Boost Grades at Year-End

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

With final exams just around the corner, students are anxiously looking for ways to pull up their semester average so they can exempt their semester final. Whether students are looking to increase their average a whole letter grade or a just a few points, these tips are likely to help students better their semester average.

  • Go to Tutorials

Most teachers offer tutorials before school, after school and during mega lunch. Tutorials are nice because they offer a chance for one-on-one time with the teacher and can hide the embarrassment of asking questions in front of classmates.

  • Talk To Your Teachers

Most teachers can offer helpful suggestions and many students don’t think to ask teachers for fear of them getting upset. Teachers are here to help students, and they should be used to their full advantage.

  • Take More and Better Notes

Everytime a teacher lectures, take notes. Whenever a teacher lectures, notes should be taken because sometimes things can be forgotten that are important and included on the tests.

  • Start Projects and Assignments Sooner

The students that start working on assignments sooner always make better grades because they have time to ask questions, redo things they messed up on, and not procrastinate and stress out about finishing on time. Waiting until the last minute only increases stress levels and the chance of something going wrong.

  • Extra Credit

Some, but not all, teachers offer a type of extra credit. Using the restroom during passing period helps save bathroom passes that can be redeemed for bonus points. Also, extra assignments can be done for extra points.

  • Form a Study Group

Students will be much more motivated to study when they are doing it with others. Set up a place and time to meet every week or couple of weeks.

  • New Ways To Study

Some people don’t realize that they are studying wrong. Reading over notes is sometimes not sufficient to make the great grades, and there are many other valuable resources that are helpful. Online study tools such as Quizlet and Prezzi, creating flashcards and teaching material to others all can help students memorize the material.

  • Ask Around

Lastly, ask around! Students should find out who makes the grades they want, and ask them their study tips and advice to make the grades. Everyone learns differently, and they might have some unique ways to study for an upcoming test.