STAAR Separates Students By Gender

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

STAAR testing scores are expected to be significantly higher this year after students were split into classrooms by gender. Numerous surveys have been done that have all found the same result- when students are split according to their gender, test scores are significantly higher. Although dividing students by their gender may increase test scores, students are placed out of their norm during the exam. There is no reason why students should be split up when every other day of the school year they are mixed.

Many schools in the state have implemented same-sex school districts and said they have experienced great success. Yet in reality, the only thing that is benefited from dividing students is their exam scores. Studies have shown that the percentage of eighth grade girls’ test scores rose from 72 percent to 87 percent, a 15 percent increase when boys were cut out of the equation. While the girls may have scored higher on tests, they were not able to experience a normal learning environment with both male and female students. Overall, this could hurt them in the end. 

Aside from the test scores, students were said to have less distractions when not dealing with the opposite sex. Students can face just as many, if not more, distractions when put with their peers. Do school districts really think guys will have less distractions when 30 of them are crammed into a classroom, rather than when they are split up among girls? The idea of separating students is unnecessary and completely pointless.

The high school tried dividing students by gender for the first time this year. Although administrators argue that separating students will positively benefit the school, it really causes gender stereotyping and alters the normal school day. While people question the benefits of separating male and female students, only the test scores can truly tell us if keeping classes same-sex is worth the frustration and confusion.