Remembering Our Heroes

Trinity Flaten, Reporter

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On March 29, a community memorial service was held for Mark Weber and six other military members who were killed in a helicopter crash.  Mark and his family are from Bartonville, and his passing brings the community together.

His passing affects many, including the Weber’s family friend, EJ Abood.

“I have known Mark for approximately 23 years,” Abood said. “Our families have attended church together and socialized together. Mark played with our children: fishing, skiing, camping, playing basketball and generally having fun together.”

Mark had an impact on the lives of everyone he met.

“Mark was gentle, creative and fun loving,” Abood said. “Even as a young boy, he was always concerned about the welfare of others. He possessed a rare quality of competitiveness tempered by gentleness.”

Mark was a U.S.  Air Force Captain.

“We had heard about Mark’s military service but didn’t realize until now that our brother was basically Captain America,” his sister Kristin Weber said. “It’s an impressive feat considering he had cooties for the first few years of his life.” (The Denton Record-Chronicle)

 Mark Weber, U.S. Air Force Captain, passes away in a helicopter crash in Iraq. (Photo by: The Cross Timbers Gazette)

Mark’s passing caused a reaction in the community that doesn’t happen often.

“The community has drawn together to honor his service, and grieve with his family,” Abood said. “By doing so, this has demonstrated the love and respect that the North Texas community has for men and women who serve our country.”

Individuals have also lined their lawns with flags in respect of Weber.

“I think [Mark’s passing] has put a local face on the high cost of serving our country,” Abood said. “And going in harm’s way to confront threats to our freedom and security.”

With Memorial Day coming up, the community has come together almost like a family.

“When a community loses a local member, it heightens the awareness of the sacrifices made by all military members who are serving our country,” Abood said.

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