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Argyle Nail Spa Review

©The Talon News | Jake Pool

©The Talon News | Jake Pool

Claire Burkett, Reporter

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The town of Argyle welcomes a new business, Argyle Nails and Spa. After opening in February, this salon has truly been welcomed with numerous guests and customers accepting this business with open arms. I love this easily accessible salon,  because it is close, located near the heart of Argyle on Country Club road.

From the moment I walked in I was pleasantly surprised as I was greeted by the owner and checked in for my appointment. I was then walked over to my chair and offered a beverage. I went in for a manicure, and everything went very smoothly. I would highly recommend this as a salon to try soon. In my experience, this salon sticks out because it seems to have better prices for its services, and my stay was accompanied outstanding customer service. Overall, it was an awesome experience and the location is convenient for Argyle residents.  

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Argyle Nail Spa Review