‘Time’s Up’ for Inequality

Trinity Flaten, Reporter

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The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, founded January 1, 2018, works against harassment and inequality of women, and it has already become the talk of the nation, calling out men accused of misconduct.

The Time’s Up movement is important to all women, showing that harassment is not limited to certain situations and can happen anywhere to anyone.

Only about half of the world’s working-age women participate in the labor force, compared to around three-quarters of their male counterparts. Time’s Up calls attention to the struggles women face that men may not be aware of.

Nearly 50 percent of men think women are well-represented in leadership in companies, where only one in ten senior leaders are women. Time’s up rallies for change. Women need representation. Girls need someone to look up to but have very few options, unlike men.

The underestimate of women happens not only to celebrities, but all women. Almost half of working women in the U.S. have experienced harassment in the workplace. Hearing women in the public eye and women in positions of power speak up can do something to change this for the better.

Many people think that this only affects women living in Hollywood when actually, it is helping women and girls in all walks of life. The movement is giving women more confidence to come forward and take action.

The Time’s Up movement is essential to making the world a more equal and accepting place.

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