Winter Break Should Be Lengthened


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Helicopter (12-21-16). (Christopher Piel/The Talon News)

Christopher Piel, Sports Editor

Following the end of the first semester, students go on winter break, which is an approximately two week long hiatus from school. However, the break is simply not long enough, and it should be extended to allow for an appropriate amount of time for students to rest and be ready for the second semester.

The break does not give students the amount of time off they need in order to prepare for a much longer second semester. Students do not receive another long break until spring break, which does not take place until the middle of March. Giving students a quality amount of time to rest and travel with their families would make the second semester exponentially easier. Like the long summer break, a longer winter break could be used to give students a fresh start when they come back to school. However, an inadequate amount of time carries over stress and exhaustion experienced in the first semester into the second. A good model for the winter break already exists, and it should be looked at, considered, and lengthened.

For the most part, college universities get off earlier and stay off later than high schools. The public school system should take this into account and model their system after colleges. After all, college is the next step and a higher system of education.  College universities should set the precedent for the lower levels of schooling that will eventually put their students into universities. This change in process would, however, extend the second semester well into June. Some may not be open to the idea at first, but the long break in the middle of the school year would have students prepared to face a long semester, without craving summer the moment June rolls around.

A longer winter break should be implemented to allow students rest, vacation, and freedom of the stress of school for a more appropriate amount of time. The process would generate positive results and help students thrive second semester.