What’s the Point of Mega Lunch?


©The Talon News | Faith Stapleton

Students wait in line in the cafeteria during lunch. (Faith Stapleton/The Talon News)

Christopher Piel, Sports Editor

As of Monday, the school has been participating in “Mega Lunch” where all students eat lunch during an hour long period. The new schedule has allowed students to participate in various clubs or events during the extended lunch. Although it gives students more time, Mega Lunch is more trouble than it is worth and has no real purpose.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The A and B lunch system had no real issues, so there is no reason to try and change everything. Putting all of the students in the school in the cafeteria at once is a recipe for disaster. For the time being, clubs like NHS and STUCO are trying to schedule meetings to split up the mass of students in the cafeteria at the same time. However, those are not everyday events. In a few weeks time, students won’t have places to go to occupy their time to keep them out of the lunch room in the first or second half of lunch. The only way to maintain the exact number of people allowed in the cafeteria is to make an A and B block lunch. The reality is all Mega Lunch does is create problems.

Mega Lunch has no clear purpose. A thirty minute period every day isn’t enough time for students to accomplish much of anything. In addition, it’s not like half of the student body is in dire need of tutoring every day. Mega Lunch is designed to be a solution, but it’s not solving anything. It just forces the entire student body into one, undersized location. The creation of long lines, crowding, and overall wasting of time is not worth the half hour of “free time” for students.

Mega Lunch is not only worthless, but it’s actually going to do harm. Having a structured, scheduled day that regulates the maximum number of students in the cafeteria at one time is a necessity. The reality is Mega Lunch may be an intriguing idea, but it is not worth the trouble.