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Chelsea Handler Turns The Tables On Late Night TV With New Talk Show

Chad Lyle, Reporter

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Chelsea Handler has never been one afraid to veer outside of conventional traditions, and her new Netflix talk show, Chelsea, is no exception. Technically a “late night” program, new episodes of Chelsea debut every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:01 A.M., and they average about half an hour in run time. The show takes full advantage of its thirty minutes and is never light on content or frequent in using filler segments. What makes Chelsea great is the show’s focus on educating its audience through Handler, who sees the platform as a way to explore topics from politics to world news and culture (Netflix airs the show simultaneously in at least 190 countries).

The talk show incorporates many of the best elements from Chelsea Does — the four episode docu-series that examined various controversial topics through Handler’s point of view — such as candid dinner interviews with guests like the cast of Captain America: Civil War, taped travel segments like when Chelsea traveled to Miami to interview senior citizens about the 2016 election, and interviews with leading innovators and public figures such as the CEO of TED Talks and a former Obama Administration speechwriter.

Though some have criticized the program for for being too focused on Handler and not on her guests, the magic of the show comes straight from her constant desire for more knowledge and new experiences. Not only do the video segments help to break up the studio time and energize the show, they are almost always as informative as they are funny. If interested in a refreshing, irreverent take on current events, Chelsea is definitely worth a look.

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Chelsea Handler Turns The Tables On Late Night TV With New Talk Show