Pointe of the Spotlight

Annabel Thorpe, Editor in Chief

Three talented dancers from different stages of life experience both the trials and beautiful moments dance brings. However, it is not what the public eye sees. By existing in the dance world they have dealt with rigorous competition, bullying, and defeat, as well as complete self-expression and the craving sensation of the spotlight.

Corry James has trained with famous institutes like the Kirov, Joffery, and Ellison Ballet. Now, James is taking time away from dance to re-find himself.

Victoria Kalina has received top awards from every competition attended and sees herself continuing dance as a career on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Miranda Downe has been Clara in the “The Nutcracker” twice, but she does not see a future in dance.

Annabel Thorpe

Annabel Thorpe

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Annabel Thorpe

Annabel Thorpe

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