Unbalance Evident in Federal Income Taxes


©The Talon News | Christopher Piel

Every year, many are forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in federal income taxes. (Christopher Piel/The Talon News)

Christopher Piel, Sports Editor

Every year, usually around April 15, federal income taxes are taken from millions of American citizens. These taxes are collected from every citizen who has documented income and varying annual salaries are taxed different percentages of their income. Every year, the exact income and percentage numbers change, but the concept remains the same– the more money you make, the higher the percentage of that money is taken from you in federal income tax. For instance, an individual making under $9,225 a year is taxed only ten percent of their annual income, while an individual making above $413,200 a year is taxed 39.6% of their annual income. This is a completely unjust practice, and it needs to be altered in the near future. The higher income groups should not be taxed almost 40% of their annual income to compensate for lower income groups.

The amount of money many have to pay is unfair. Many people are paying tens of thousands of dollars a year, and some are paying even more. This is an insane amount to give away every single year. Many people could use that money to support their families and spend the money they earned. It is their right to use the property that they gained through work. The government should not be able to take it from them. It’s not that they shouldn’t pay taxes because everyone needs to pay taxes, but the amount they pay is simply too much. There is no true cause or need to justify the incredible amount many are forced to pay each year. The amount of taxes imposed on the higher economic classes are too much money to expect anyone to pay.

The percent of total income many have to pay is unfair. Some of the higher classes are paying close to half of their yearly income in taxes. Even groups that are not at the very top are paying over 30% to the government. They work very hard all year and barely get to keep any of their money. This is an unjust act of thievery. That’s the truth. The government has moved to a point of stealing from its citizens because they make more. They will just bring the percent higher and higher every year, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. In the last ten years, the highest percent taxed has risen from 35% to 39.6%. It may not seem like much, but minor changes over time will make a huge difference. As time goes on, who knows how high the tax rate will get? One day, people may be paying half of their salary in income tax alone.

The difference in income groups is unfair. There is no reason to not have at least some balance. There is almost a 30% difference between the lowest group and the highest group. The average of the groups is about 27%, and the highest group is paying almost 13% more of their annual salaries than the average. If everyone payed 27%, or close to it, everyone would be paying a near equal percent. In the current situation, every single group is extremely different. The lowest level currently pays almost four times less than the highest level. This is completely unacceptable.

Making the higher classes pay higher taxes is like a punishment when it comes to making more money. Those who are making the most are paying head and shoulders above everyone else percentage-wise. Those who make less, keep more. The people who make in the higher economic groups work just as hard, maybe harder than those in the lower, so why must they be punished in such an extreme fashion? There is no necessity for this. The truth is that those without money want to take it from those who have it, with or without cause. Those who have money should not have to give so much of it up for no valid reason. In this country, so many get special privileges for making less money. This is not right. Neither the most wealthy or the least wealthy should be extremely punished or extremely privileged.

The few should not pay for the many. There are far more people in the lower economic levels, so why should the upper levels be paying almost 40% of their annual income to pay for the majority? If each of the lower economic groups had their income tax rates raised by even a small increment, it would make a huge difference. The government could get essentially the same amount of money and have a much more balanced tax rate for all of the citizens. Balance should be much more evident in this high-dollar system. The average salary of the American citizen is about $50,000, yet that group is taxed only 25% of their annual salary. The absolute average citizen is being taxed almost 15% less than the top group. This statistic should not exist. Obviously minor of unbalance will be evident, but this is ridiculous. Certain groups are paying insane amounts every year, while others pay close to nothing.

The federal income tax system is highly flawed. It shows blatant unfairness. The system should be brought to a better state of balance. The different groups of annual income are simply too varied. The variation of amounts each economic group must pay every year is an unjust, unbelievable flaw in the U.S. government. The system needs to be changed to bring a more fair, balanced form of taxing to millions of citizens.