Marching Season Comes to a Close


©The Talon News | Faith Stapleton

The Eagle Marching band receives a one for their final marching competition.

Faith Stapleton, Reporter

The Argyle High Marching Band has reached the end of their marching season. The band has had great success this year earning at least in the top three in all of their competitions. In their latest competition they earned a one from the judges which is the highest score you can get.

“[The band members] have worked so hard from the beginning of the season,” Drum Major Haley Emerson said. “It has lead to a really successful season.”

The Marching Band had much to learn this year since they had mostly freshman in the band, along with ten eighth grade marchers.

“We haven’t had this young of a band in a long time,” Band Director Kathy Johnson said. “So,it’s been a learning experience for all of us.”

Even with a very young band the Eagles have overcome the struggle of learning new things quickly and it shows in their success from this season.

“This is probably the best freshman class we’ve had,” Director Kathy Johnson said. “[The freshman] just put the time in to look good.” 

Another reason as to why the band had such a successful marching season is that many band members have recalled the great family atmosphere that the band had this year.

“[The band] is a family, we help each other,” Emerson said. “When someone falls we help them back up.”

Along with the band is of course color guard, which brings more beauty and grace to each performance. They have been to all the competitions and have helped achieve the success this year.

“[Color Guard members] just all enjoy being in the show a lot more.” Color Guard Soloist Jenna Martin said.   

There are many things that affect each performance the band does. Such as, the length of time they have to work on the show, if they have made any changes to the performance, and if someone has a lack of experience. Even with these factors, the band has overcome them to succeed.

“We worked hours and hours a day,” Emerson said. “I think that really made a difference.”

Along with the exciting wins and hours of practice, the band had to face some obstacles, like having to learn a different type of show compared to previous years.  

“[The season] started out slow,” Director Kathy Johnson said, “but gained momentum towards the end,”

The marching season has different meaning to each member and can give them an uplifting lesson.

“This season was inspiring to me for sure,” Martin said. “and full of dedication.”  

Tons of hard work and hours were put into this marching season and everyone is proud of what they have accomplished.

“The drum majors and band directors are proud of everyone who has been a part of this season.” Emerson said.