Internet Shutdown Inhibits Learning


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Wi-Fi disconnects at Argyle High School on Monday Jan. 26. (Christopher Piel / The Talon News)

Christopher Piel, Reporter

Earlier this week, the internet in the school was down. It caused many restrictions with the teachers and students.

“We couldn’t do anything,” senior Justin Nathan said. “All of our stuff is on the internet.”

The teachers had a hard time, too. Many lesson plans had to be altered because of the technological problems.

“I was feeling rather handcuffed,” Ms. Smith said. “My entire class is doing research for a massive research paper, so, when the Internet goes out, we were completely unable to do anything.”

Problems like this show how reliant people have become on technology and the internet.

“I think it’s like you’re running water at home,” Mrs. Sutton said. “You don’t realize how much you rely on it until you don’t have any. It’s one of those things that’s always there, and we use it so much more than we realize. We use it for everything from doing our attendance to taking grades.”

Technology can be an improvement to society, but when it malfunctions it can cause serious issues.

“I had a lesson planned that had technology in it for my classes,” Sutton said. “We had rounds coming around, people from all over the district coming to watch and because the internet was down, that was very difficult because it was hard to do a lesson geared toward technology when you don’t have technology.”

The use of technology has increased to a point beyond daily use. The use in the school is astounding, and that was on display in the past couple days.

“We use it to look up information,” Sutton said. “We rely on technology. We use it all day every day for so many things.”

As the use of technology increases, so does the reliance on it. A simple problem this time may be a serious problem in the future.

“It shows that we rely completely on the internet now,” Nathan said. “All of our world is just based off of our technology. Without it, we would go back into the dark ages.”