Senior Assassin Set In Motion


©The Talon News | Annalise Bodine

Seniors Bella Minick, Kyndall Hennigan, and Kylie Hardin wear their pool floaties to avoid being eliminated in the senior assassin tournament.

Annalise Bodine, Reporter

With the weather getting colder, seniors are grabbing their pool floaties and water guns, but not for the usual summer fun. These are their tokens of immunity and weapons for the student-0 run senior assassin, a source of good old-fashioned competition. 

This year’s competition began on September 6 and is an elimination-style game in which teams fight and defend themselves in hopes of making it to the final round. The basic rules include entering a team of three seniors that will be paired up against another team in a tournament format weekly. To be victorious against your pairing, you must eliminate the other team or have the most remaining teammates. 

“My favorite story from senior assassin was when my friend Riley Van Poppell shot an opponent that had a baby in their arms while hunting,” senior Landon Farris said. “No babies were harmed though.” 

The student council is holding the activity this year and there is a large turnout of participants. From work to your own backyard, nowhere is safe from surprise attacks. 

“Senior assassin has been exciting, to say the least,” senior Bella Minnick said. “From having fun with my teammates, planning attacks, and the anticipation of always watching your back, it’s a thrill.” 

Even though the activity is meant to provide students with an enjoyable experience, it can come with many stressors and complications.

“Personally, the most difficult thing about senior assassin is running the game,” student council president Brett Walsh said. “With 56 teams of three constantly asking me questions and having to take time to watch videos, it’s tough to fit everything into my already busy schedule. I enjoy the challenge, though, and I’m glad we are able to play this game. Even if it takes some long nights in order for our grade to have fun then I’m willing to do it.” 

In senior assassin, child pool floaties can be used to protect yourself from elimination but only when inflated and on both arms. Some other rules of the game include not being able to eliminate any player when they are on any school property Monday through Friday before 8 p.m. or on the job at work. 

“Senior assassin is really fun and you end up getting money at the end if you win,” senior Maximus Williams said. “There’s really nothing to lose if you don’t.” 

The prize pool for senior assassin has grown to $1650 in total, with the top team earning $1200 and the runner-up $450. Most students say they are not playing for the money, but for the memories that come with this bonding experience. 

“I stood outside the Roanoke Rec Center for two hours trying to eliminate Halle Norwood,” senior Hailey Clark said. “But I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.”