President Joe Biden Announces Pandemic is Over


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President Joe Biden announced the COVID-19 pandemic is over in a recent “60 Minutes” interview.

Sam Mykel, Director of Visual Media, Sports, & Co-Director of Broadcast

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, there have been over 95 million reported cases with over 1 million deaths in America. Although the number of cases and deaths has been decreasing as vaccines become more accessible, statistics show that, on average, over 400 Americans still die from the virus daily. Recently in a television interview with “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden declared that “the pandemic is over.” However, that is not the case. 

Despite the president’s claims, the pandemic is still ongoing and taking a toll on Americans and their everyday lives.

The pandemic is still taking place in America as seen by the continuous reported cases of deaths. In January 2021 at the peak of the virus, around 3,400 Americans were dying each day from COVID-19. While that number has significantly decreased over time, an average of 400 Americans are still dying daily from the virus. That may be a large difference from 3,000 deaths, but 400 deaths a day remains a great amount and is not to be looked over. Whether it was one person dying or 1 million people dying, their lives matter and their deaths show that the pandemic is still taking place.

Lasting mask mandates along with new vaccine mandates throughout the country show that the pandemic is still taking place. Mask mandates in businesses and locations are not remaining in place for no reason. The reason they are still in place is because the virus is still a threat to our lives. If the pandemic was truly over, we would have no need to wear a mask anywhere, but still we are asked to wear them in certain businesses and locations. The same logic stands with the vaccines and their mandates. If the pandemic was done, why would vaccines be mandated? There is no need to get vaccinated if there is no threat to our lives, but because the COVID-19 pandemic is still taking place in America, the government and businesses are producing new vaccines and mandating them for the public.

Despite all of this, the fatality rate is lowering, schools are opening, and the number of those wearing masks is decreasing. Life seems like it has finally started to go back to normal and the virus is becoming a distant memory to many. However, the pandemic and the virus should not be brushed off so soon. As previously stated, many people are still dying of COVID-19 and while that number is going down, the pandemic should not be considered over until that number is near zero. People should also still be aware of new and old variants of the virus as they may break out of nowhere and if the pandemic is considered over, then nobody will be prepared for outbreaks. Americans cannot risk another outbreak and must stay on top of the pandemic even as it slows down.

President Biden’s recent statements have created a false sense of security in the country. While the pandemic has begun to slow down, it is still an ongoing event as seen by the number of deaths per day and the lasting mask and vaccine mandates. Biden and his advisors need to regroup and make it known that the pandemic is still taking place until we see further progress and eventually watch it come to a close.