New Bond Raises Issues


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Argyle community gathers for the pink out football game at the Argyle middle school stadium on Oct. 8, 2021.

Jacob Stroupe, Special Contributer

A new school bond was recently passed for the building of a new football stadium at the high school. This comes after the move to the new school, which placed the high school away from the current stadium.

The creation of a new stadium is unnecessary, however, as the current one already satisfies the needs of the school.

The current stadium is currently not at the high school, but this doesn’t mean a new stadium must be built. It is only a 5 to 10-minute drive to the current stadium, which is not much of a hassle considering many of the varsity players can drive themselves there, and other students can have their parents take them there or carpool with other players. On top of this, the high school already has a football field that can fulfill any needs that the players have for practice.

A new stadium would also come at a great cost to the people for the light convenience. It has an estimated cost of almost $27 million, which is extremely high. The bond also only passed with 58% of the votes, meaning that many people do not want it. Parents around the town don’t want to have to pay even more to the town to live here, especially for a stadium that does not have much reason to exist outside of convenience. 

Convenience is not a factor for everyone, however. Although a large number of students and parents live in canyon falls, a large portion of the town lives in Harvest and other neighborhoods which are closer to the middle school than the high school. This causes many people, parents and students alike, to be forced to drive further away in order to play or watch students play games on the field.

The new football stadium is an issue which needs to be reconsidered by both parents and the school alike. Many people are already against its construction and others need to recognize the uselessness of building another stadium. The school needs to postpone the bond until the next election cycle so that it can hear complaints from other parents and give the school a chance to create a bond that both helps the sports teams at the high school and doesn’t cause as many issues for the parents.

(Photo Courtesy Argyle ISD)
(Photo Courtesy Argyle ISD)