Journey to Win State Championship


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Meghan celebrates her state championship win with her two coaches, Adam Mihok and Danielle Blair.

Jack Sevier, Reporter

Yearly tennis tryouts occurred on July 26, and every player in the program reported to prove their worth, but at the end of the season on April 26, only one remained.  Freshman Meghna Arun Kumar finished the year as the singles state champion for division 4A (6-1, 6-0).  

“She destroyed all of our top girls, and her wins helped the team by moving each of the other girls down a spot in the ladder.”

She was a 7 UTR and really showed it at tryouts, she was the girl who would set the tone of success. That mindset of success repeatedly found itself surrounded by the Argyle Varsity team. Meghna was the highlight of the team wins, she was destroying every player she played with.

Meghna helped lead the team to 2nd in 4A, falling to Wimberly in the State Championship tournament in College Station.

Meghna had one goal going into the spring season [with the team], and that goal was to be the girl’s singles State Champion.

“I am passionate about tennis because I have worked hard to be a good player,” she said. “I am starting to get [better], and I am achieving awards and it is encouraging to see me actually succeed.” 

Meghna would end up going undefeated throughout the spring season and now it was time for the area district. She would repeat her dominance in the area and easily moved on to regionals at the Texas Tech courts in Lubbock. Fifteen of the 16 varsity players made it to the regional tournament. 

Four players qualified for state: Jacob Thompson and Carter Holt in boys doubles, Jackson Hill in boys singles, and Meghna Kumar in girls singles. The 3 boys would end their spring seasons all losing in the first round.

Meghna won the Championship 6-1, 6-0 in just 32 minutes. 

As Argyle moves into 5A, players and coaches anticipate the freshman will do well in the next few years. 

“In the future, my tennis goals are to continue playing high school tennis,” Meghna said, “and then eventually try to get a full-ride into a college.”

Meghna’s dominance throughout the fall and spring season is something that the head coach has never seen in the program, and he believes that “this player can only be beaten by Meghna herself.”

“Meghna went the entire year winning every match,” head coach Adam Mihok said. “More impressively, she never dropped a set.”