Elon Musk Purchases Twitter Alongside Media Outrage


©The Talon News | Dylan Hilburn

Grant Parris, Special Contributer

As headlines surge the media every day, many wonder what’s next for the business ventures of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. He’s always been known to stir up the media, but his most recent stunt of buying Twitter has caused some major disruptions online. Many have been debating whether or not the platform will be better with Musk owning it, as it gives him control over what can be posted on the site and who’s allowed to use the site.

Naturally, users are worried that Musk may abuse his power over the company as the CEO, leading to activists flooding the site and dangerous content being posted with less moderation. While this speculation is convincing the claims are baseless, and Musk will surely do a good job with the company in his hands. 

The main reason Musk is almost guaranteed to do well is because of his great investment in Twitter by acquiring his company, which means that he has an incentive to make money. It would only make sense for him to attempt to grow Twitter by having a more protective policy and rule changes. There’s simply no logic to the claims that he’s going to allow any racist or political groups to take over the site because it would simply lose him money and reputation. It only makes sense he will do what the majority wants to keep returns on his hefty investment on the site. 

Musk is usually level-headed and makes smart decisions, so how he decides to rule Twitter will be no different, especially considering the billions of dollars he poured into it. He may make some policies on Twitter less strict, but the amount will likely be negligible to the point there’s no real difference. People argue this line of reasoning by pointing out his commitment to allow Donald Trump to re-enter the website, but Twitter will still monitor his account and ban him for violations like any other account.

The terms of service on Twitter are made to protect every user from bad content, and they aren’t going away simply because Musk is the head of the company. People often forget that there’s an entire staff behind every business that upholds their rules and will remove dangerous content. The fact of the matter is that Elon will keep Twitter running for the simple reason of keeping him wealthy. If you agree with this stance, show your support for Elon on social media when you can!