Talon Staff Places in 2022 ATPI Rising Star Portfolio Contest


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Ashley Henderson, Editor-In-Chief

Amidst all the chaos of the end of the year, the Talon staff completed their “All-Staff” photography contest with the Association of Texas Photography Instructors’ spring portfolio “Rising Star” competition.  The staff submitted 10 of their best photos and were only allowed to enter 3 of the 6 contest categories. We just received word that Argyle High School took 3rd place overall out of all divisions/schools in Texas for this contest, taking 2nd place in Architectural photography, 2nd place in sports photography, and 3rd place in portrait photography. This is a huge accomplishment, as no single photographer can enter more than 3 entries in any of the categories.  The contest is designed to showcase the depth of a photography program.  Contributors to the win included:

Nick West
Ashley Henderson
Rylie Halk
Murphy Jones
Cate Clark
Sloan Dial
Josh Fritz
Ella Rader
Alina Garcia


Click the links below to view the portfolio for each category:

2nd place- Architectural photography Portfolio

2nd place- Sports Photography Portfolio

3rd place- Portrait Photography Portfolio