President Biden Addresses Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


“Ukrainian flag flying next to St. Nicholas’s Church” by Anosmia is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Emily Kain, Reporter

The recent invasion of Ukraine has given President Biden a chance to talk with the NATO alliance, and he gave a press conference to debrief media on Feb. 24. 

“This is a premeditated attack,” Biden said.  “We saw a flagrant violation of international law. Putin chose this war.”

Biden says that Putin has been trying to claim Ukrainian territory since at least 2014.  

“It was always about aggression and Putin’s desire for empire,” Biden said.

Many citizens are concerned about what this means for America and other countries pertaining to their involvement in the war.

Russian citizen and a Ukrainian woman apologize to one another for a war neither of them started in Times Square, NY, on March 6, 2022. (©The Talon News | Murphy Jones)

“The United States is not doing this alone,” Biden said. “We are in full total agreement that we will limit Russia’s ability to be a part of the global economy.”

After reflecting on the current circumstances in Russia, Biden and other world leaders plan on sanctions against Russia. 

“We cut off Russia’s largest bank from the U.S. financial system,” Biden said.  “This will take time and we have to show resolve.”

Although the sanctions will be staggered and tiered based on Russian actions, Biden also has other plans in mind.

While we are preparing to do war, our forces are not engaged with the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, but [the U.S.] will defend NATO territory,” Biden said. 

Ukrainian allies are coming together as a joint force in order to plan and prepare against Russia’s violence. 

“NATO is more united and determined than ever,” Biden said.  “We will support the Ukrainian people [throughout] the conflict.”

The United States government has been working quickly to create justified consequences for Russia.

“America stands up to bullies and we stand up for freedom,” Biden said.


Source:  Biden, Joe. CNN Press Conference, Feb. 24, 2022.