Girls Basketball Heads to State Championship

Isabella Rader


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Emily Kain, Reporter

Last year the girl’s basketball team fell short of the state title. This year things might be different. With a continuing undefeated season, the girls will participate in their state games on March fourth and fifth. Beating top-ranked teams, the girls have persevered throughout this season. Different efforts and outlooks have been input into the team’s daily routines in order to get better. 

“The biggest steps I’ve taken personally is doing more homework off the court and studying myself and other players,” junior Madi Lumsden said.

While coaches and players on the court have focused on improving their game, the team is also learning new ways to improve team relationships and chemistry.

“My teammates are always encouraging because we have had hard practices,” Senior Mayce Durham said.  “We have learned not only [that we] are we playing for ourselves, but [that] we are playing for each other to go as far as possible.”

There is no doubt that there has been a fight from these girls to return to a state-winning team. 

“We want to get back to state and be successful again since last year we lost in the third round,” Lumsden said. 

In order to complete this goal, the team holds each other accountable to prepare for the upcoming game. 

“We need to be super focused during practice and making sure we are putting in as much as possible,” Durham said. 

One thing that the playoffs bring is the old winning memories from previous state trips. 

“Just like a few years ago, we want to be back into that state arena, competing,” Lumsden said.

Reaching for the goal of a state championship, the girls understand the challenges that to come in the playoffs. 

“We know that if we don’t win this game, it will be our last. So, we need to be confident in everything,” Durham said. 


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The girls’ basketball team will play in the state semi-final round in San Antonio, TX on Friday at 1:30 pm in the Alamodome.  If they win, they will play in the state title match on Saturday at 7 p.m.