Tennis Team Rises to 2nd in State


The Argyle eagles varsity tennis team celebrates win over the Peaster Greyhounds on September 13, 2021. (Adam Mihok)

Emily Kain, Reporter

Since the Argyle tennis team was created in 2013, they have never seen the courts at Texas A&M University, aka the state finals for team tennis. But this year may be a different story.

After a strong preseason, only two losses to 6-A schools, the team finished their preseason record at 11-2. After defeating strong 5-A schools, the team is off to a better start than in previous years, ranking second in the state. The team has also won every match in district play this fall campaign. Without a doubt, hard work, greater team connection, and even team spirit play a huge role in the team’s preseason and ongoing district play success. 

With a busy preseason schedule, the team shows how their hard work and dedication brought them to where they are now. 

“We played for a solid two weeks straight,” team captain Rylee Johnson said. “It was almost a match every day, sometimes we even played one school in the morning and another in the afternoon.”

This challenging schedule helped the team build up stamina for playoffs and even districts. 

“With a ton of preparation, it has really helped us as a whole get ready for the main season,” team captain Drew Van Wyk explained.  

Preparation for their district season brought extreme competition and displayed a variety of tennis players, benefiting the Argyle Team’s tennis skills.

“Being on varsity for all three years of high school, I have noticed that since covid the schedule was slow,” junior Elaina Hilder stated. “But this year we are back to our packed preseason schedule and I think it is really helping us skills-wise, it even brought our ranking up.” 

By having a strong preseason, the team’s skill level has improved greatly. Not only did it bring the skill level up, but it also brought a stronger bond with the team. 

“The team has never been closer,” senior Jacob Ramon explains. “We do team dinners weekly, we go out as a team quite a bit as well. As a team, we even started doing group hits.”

The closeness of the team can explain why the team’s spirit level is high during the matches. 

“We are always trying to cheer on each other even if we are a few courts down,” junior Jacob Thompson stated. “If one of us is down there is always someone from the team cheering each other on.”

Along with putting someone in a better mood, high spirits can also increase the team’s chances of winning. 

“The high energy from the team can really improve your stamina in a match,” junior Olivia Underwood states. “It reminds you that if you’re battling hard your team is always there to cheer you on.”

Even team move-ins can even agree with the veterans that the togetherness and spirit of the team is a big part of their preseason ranking. 

“I always try to be loud and have high energy,” sophomore Austin Lewis states. “I sometimes notice that when my energy level is low, how I play is worse too.”

 Other newcomers also reflect on the team’s mindset along with the environment at practices and matches.

“I have played on this team before and you can tell something has definitely changed,” junior Jackson Hill said. “The way the team cheers for each other even during practice, energy is always a goal with this team.”