Effects of the Pandemic


Online students face challenges different from those at in-person school (Laini Ledet/The Talon News).

Laini Ledet and Laney Richardson

Prior to COVID-19, teenagers were already experiencing amounts of stress due to both their academics and overall personal development. When COVID-19 hit, it affected all teens in both positive and negative ways. 

“COVID-19 affected my mental health in a positive way because I have gained a better relationship with my family,” junior Trevor Duck said. 

Some students have also found themselves having more motivation to get their work done during the day. 

“I have struggled less while being online because I can be online, finish my school work and can be more productive,” Duck said. 

Other students have struggled to remain optimistic throughout the pandemic. 

“A major challenge I have faced because of COVID-19 was trying to stay positive about it,” middle school student Addison Richardson said. “I keep waiting for when COVID-19 passes, but it still hasn’t. It is hard for me to be positive about the situation we are in.” 

Outside of school, students have encountered many minor challenges due to COVID-19. 

“Wearing a mask has been the biggest struggle and not being able to go into a restaurant because I forgot my mask,” Duck said. 

Being isolated for days at a time caused feelings of isolation in some. 

“COVID-19 affected my mental health when we were having to quarantine when the outbreak first took place,” Richardson said. “It made me feel lonely because I was always home and couldn’t do anything. But now that I am able to see my friends and go to school my mental health is way better.”

During the pandemic, all teens’ mental health has either been affected in a negative or positive way. 

“The pandemic did not really affect my mental health negatively because it gave me more time with friends and family, which really lifted my spirits,” junior Kinsey Wellborn said. 

While being back at school, some students have found themselves struggling more with their academics because of new distractions. 

“It’s been a little of a struggle in school because it can be harder to focus due to masks and not seeing one another,” Richardson said. 

For most students, being back at school since the pandemic began has been an adjustment.

“School is definitely more challenging with COVID-19 because it makes coming to school harder,” Wellborn said. “You have less social interaction, which makes the days go by super long, and also makes it hard for me to focus on my work.”