Fueled Up Car Meet Fuels Excitement for Unique Cars


©The Talon News | Jacob Lormand

Custom Nissan Skyline GTR sitting around waiting for people to stop and look at Fueled Up Car Meet. (Jacob Lormand I The Talon News)

At the Fueled Up Dallas Car Meet on Jan. 9th, car owners were given the opportunity to show what makes each of their cars so unique. Most car owner’s interest in classic cars sparked from a certain passion or experience. 

“My grandpa retired from Ford a couple of years ago and ever since he has always restored antique cars and flipped them for money,” car show attendee Jacob Lormand said.

Not only do these interests in cars spark from personal passions or experiences, but can also develop through friends and families interests as well.

“My dad sparked my interest because when I was a kid he had a 1970 Cyclone, ‘55 Chevy, ‘65 GTO, and ‘63 Impala,” car owner Dave Richardson said. 

Teen and son of car owner Luke Sailsbury became interested in classic cars through a shared passion with his dad. 

“I enjoy looking at the Chevelle models because I often work on my dad’s with him, which makes me very familiar with them,” Salisbury said.

These car enthusiasts have the ability to see beyond the physical aspects of these vehicles, and can appreciate the hard work that was put into the making. 

“I am interested in old school muscle cars with a lot of horsepower because they are cars that were built by hard working Americans and were the best type of cars,” Richardson said. 

These car owners have several things they admire about these vehicles.

“I love the 1964-72 Chevelles, 1965 Pontiac GTOs, 1955-56 Chevy Bel Airs, and the 1965-67 Chevy II,” Richardson said. “I like these cars the best because the body lines and styles with the big block horsepower.”

Not only do car owners enjoy showing off their unique cars at these meets, but many people attend them as well to take a closer look at what goes on at these events.

“I like going with my friends to look at cars I wish I had and I take pictures,” Lormand said. 

People are intrigued with the many distinctive additions car owners can add to their vehicles. 

“I am most interested in the many ways you can accessorize your vehicle,” Salisbury said. “I also enjoy seeing how the owners keep up with their vehicles.”

These cars give off such a unique feel for not only the car owners themselves but for everyone around them that doesn’t get to see them often. 

“Everyone has an iPhone, but not everyone has a 1971 super sport 454 big block Chevelle like I got,” Richardson said. “They are just classic cool loud pipe cars.”