3 Methods for Combating Senioritis


Cartoon art of the "seniors" as they finish up their final year of high school. (Isaiah Sheets/ Talon News)

Faith Stapleton, Editor

Senioritis: a real problem found in high school seniors all around the nation. It can best be described as the feeling of simply not caring anymore and just wanting to be done with school. The end is in sight, but it still seems so far away. With graduation just around the corner, and most students already accepted into college or at least knowing what they want to do after graduation, students feel there isn’t a point in pouring all their time and energy into school anymore. Freedom is at their fingertips and their lives are about to change. Getting too excited for the future, some seniors get lost in the world of senioritis and forget to make the most of their time left in high school. After graduation, most seniors won’t see each other until the reunions, so they need to make memories while they can. Here are a few tips to beat the funk of senioritis:


  1. Make the Most with the Time Left   

As a senior, excited for the future, it is hard to remember that there is only so long left until you will not be able to see your closest friends every day, so make the best of the days you have with left with them. Make more treasured memories with all your friends that you can look back at in ten years and smile at.


     2. Live in the Moment

With more independence just around the corner, we get caught up in worrying about the future or being excited for the changes coming after graduation. This is where senioritis springs from, the desire to not be here anymore and fast forward to graduation. It is important to realize that you will be happier living in the moment compared to slowly waiting for graduation day.


     3. Scholarships

It is important to keep your grades up. Even when you feel like it won’t matter, it does if you are applying for scholarships. Scholarship committees still look at the spring grades, and if there is a significant drop, you probably won’t be a front runner for the scholarship.  


Although these methods might not completely solve the issues of senioritis, they are helpful reminders that can lower the effects of the dreadful phenomenon.