SOAR Lets Students Shine


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Majestics members perform with students in SOAR at Argyle High School in Argyle, TX on April 26, 2018. (Hayden Calendine / The Talon News)

Katie Ray, Reporter

The SOAR talent show made its debut, directed by STEP teacher Daina Hunt, showcasing what the special needs students had to share with the rest of the community.

“Soar is an inclusive talent show and showcase that we are putting on to show the community of Argyle just how special the kids with special needs are, and what they have to offer,” Hunt said.

Students from around the school came together to assist in the event and make it enjoyable for everyone.

“I’m going to be an usher, so I get to walk the kids down and I get to see their costumes,” student council member Parker Weitzer said.  “I get to watch close and that’s probably going to be my favorite part.”

This event not only gives the special needs students a chance to shine, but also benefits the students helping as well.

“What I’m doing in SOAR is stage managing, and helping with all that stuff, and that is something that I am pursuing in college,” freshman Hunter Jones said. “So, when Tina Zarcone came to me and asked me if I could help, I thought it was a great opportunity to help the special needs kids while also getting experience in the field.”

SOAR is an opportunity for special needs students to show the community their talent and enthusiasm up on stage.

“My favorite part about being involved in SOAR would really be the look of joy on our participants faces and the sheer feeling of love that’s being brought out by this event,” Hunt said.

The students performing in SOAR are gaining experience from this event and are learning what it’s like to be in the spotlight.

“It makes me feel good,” STEP students Conner Bateman said when asked about why SOAR is important to him.

This talent show gives the students the chance to reach out to new people, both students and performers alike.

“I only know some of the high school kids,” Jones said, “but I’m meeting the kids from the elementary school, and people who have already graduated are coming back to perform and it’s really cool to meet all of them.”

SOAR is an event that gives every student a chance to shine and show their talent to the entire community.

“I think it shows that everyone has got a talent,” Jones said. “It shows that the special needs kids are not as different as we think. They have talent, they all have dreams, and I think it’s cool that this shows that.”

©The Talon News | Hayden Calendine
Students participate in SOAR at Argyle High School in Argyle, TX on April 26, 2018. (Hayden Calendine / The Talon News)