Student Fanbase Receives Negative Feedback

After State Volleyball Game


The Nest, Argyle’s student section cheers on the volleyball team in Decatur, TX on Nov. 7, 2017. (Campbell Wilmot/The Talon News)

Ashlynn Roberts, Junior Reporter

After being called “inappropriate” and “out of control,” The Nest, Argyle’s student section, faces complaints regarding their behavior at the state volleyball tournament. 

“I was a little disappointed,” principal James Hill said. “I didn’t see anything, but the reports I received were not favorable. I know it wasn’t all the kids, but there were enough kids that were rude apparently to make an impression on the people that were there.”

In an attempt to dissuade students from continuing to act out at games, new rules have been put into effect. Based on how poorly the student is acting, they may be told to stop whatever they were doing, be removed from the game and if severe, may face school consequences.

“Having a student section is important for any sport,” senior Preston Coyle said. “It gets your team hype, makes you motivated and lets you know you have fans behind your back.”

Argyle is sucessful in many areas, including having a large fan base that travels with them to games.

“More is expected of [the students] than that,” Principal Hill said. “We need to win or lose with dignity and be gracious winners or losers. People already dislike Argyle from the outside because we are successful, so we don’t need to give them more fuel to the fire.”

While some people say this kind of behavior is rare for the students, others disagree and say it has been a problem for a while now.

“This has been an ongoing battle for Argyle since I’ve been here the past 7 years,” English IV professor Stacy Short said. “It has always been an issue, but it has gotten worse in the past few years.”

The school is putting these rules into effect with the hopes of students continuing to cheer for the sports teams in a more positive manner.

“We should be there to lift up the players and not tear down other teams during that,” Short said.

Argyle ISD is a state-recognized school with six consecutive Lone Star Cup titles and many state appearances under their belt. Faculty members want to keep up the classy traditions and standards that Argyle is known for.

“We [need to] come out and support our teammates and our fellow students in a positive way and have fun at games without being negative,” Principal Hill said. “My kids are my responsibility, and I care about how my kids act, and I also care about the character that they have.”