Eagles Take Paris with 27-7 Victory


©The Talon News | Quinn Calendine

The Eagles play against the Paris wildcats at Paris Stadium in Paris, Texas on September 29, 2017. (Quinn Calendine / The Talon News)

Jaclyn Harris, Office Manager

The Eagles continue to hold their five-game winning streak after a 27-7 victory over Paris last Friday, Sept.  29.

The game began with a pass to the 39 yard line by John Copeland (3), leading into a field goal by the Eagles with 7:33 left in the quarter. Paris’ strong defense created a challenge for the offensive line, however, the first touchdown of the night was scored by Cale Nanny (8).

“He [quarterback John Copeland] put the ball right where it needs to be,” Nanny said. “I was able to catch it and turn it around and make something happen.”

The third quarter started off strong with a fumble recovered by the Eagles, and a field goal bringing the score up 13-0. With only 55 seconds left in the quarter, Chase Petter (25) scored a touchdown, leaving the score at 20-0 heading into the fourth quarter.

“They dealt with a lot of frustrations and a lot of challenges during the game,” head coach Todd Rodgers said. “They had to cope with them and respond to them.”

The fourth quarter held the final touchdown for the Eagles by Noah Lang with 8:33 left in the game, followed by a touchdown by Paris. The game ended with a final score of 27-7.

“I have to give credit to the offensive line,” Don Williams (7) said. “They opened up a lot of holes tonight and they made my job really easy. We went up against a good Paris team; they had a great defense and were great competitors.”

The Eagles ran a total of 313 yards, with 203 rushing yards. Their next game will be a home game against Decatur on Oct. 13, following a bye week Oct. 7.