Dear Youth

‘Dear Youth’ is about all the advice and things you would tell to your seven year old self if you could tell them anything. The character tells themself how to get through life the best way possible and not giving into the harshness of today’s society. The main theme is to set your goals high and don’t let anyone bring them down.

Voice: Carly Haynes

Mallori Denney
Dane Ledford
Kenna Roberts
Bonny Haynes
Peregrine Clarke
Caden Clarke
Jayson Haynes
Alex Peters
Katie Haynes
Lauryn Casey
Karen Clarke
Peggy Krueger
Madelyn Haynes
Erin Clarke
Ben Krueger
Christopher Clarke

Director- Carly Haynes
Producer- Carly Haynes
Writer- Carly Haynes
Cinematographer- Carly Haynes
Editor- Carly Haynes