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Ten Activities to Cure Summer Boredom

Photo by: Aylin Sanchez

Photo by: Aylin Sanchez

Photo by: Aylin Sanchez

Campbell Wilmot, Reporter

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It’s officially summer, and as relaxing as it sounds, three months of doing nothing gets boring pretty quick.  Here are some suggestions of local activities to beat summer boredom and some are even free!

  1. Goatman’s Bridge

For a free summer adventure, take a trip to the local “Goatman’s Bridge,” also known as “Old Alton Bridge.” This historic site is a great place to get some exercise or take some pictures.

  1.  Have a Picnic

This classic pastime has almost been forgotten in our busy lives.  A picnic with friends or family is an awesome way to catch up and enjoy the outdoors. Pack a homemade lunch and sit under the trees at the Denton Courthouse, a local park, or even in your own backyard.

  1. Mural Photoshoot

Recently, this activity has become increasingly popular in the lives of teenagers. There are many painted walls and murals in towns near Argyle.  This is a fun, free activity for the summer and a great way to create memories with friends and family.

  1.  Hiking

Taking a hike or a run is a fantastic way to get in shape and stay occupied.  Knob Hill near Roanoke and the North Shore Trail at Grapevine Lake are wonderful locations to visit if you are looking for a great place to hike.

  1.  Rock Climbing

In addition to hiking, rock climbing is another way to stay fit and occupied during the summer. There are several indoor rock climbing facilities around Argyle.

  1.  Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are another great way to beat the heat: have some fun with friends or family and test your survival skills.

  1. Bowling

Although it is not as popular as some other activities during the summer, this is a “cooler” alternative since bowling is indoors and out of the Texas heat.

  1. Local Theaters

Of course movies are a staple of summertime, but if you are up to date on all of the current films, try catching a live show at the Campus Theater on the Denton square.  It is a wonderful place to see local performers and stay entertained.

  1. Amusement/ Water Parks

As cliche as this may be, Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls, etc. are great ways to spend a full day with a group of friends and cool off on water slides or roller coasters. No summer would be complete without a visit to our local amusement park or water park.

  1.  Visit the City

Although the trip to Dallas and Fort Worth is quite a trek, many of us haven’t seen most parts of Texas’ big cities.  Plan a day trip to the city and explore new food, shops, museums or simply parts of the town.

It is great to take a break during summer, but when school is out, boredom strikes! Taking a day trip or just visiting your local park for lunch are great ways to make lasting summer memories.

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Ten Activities to Cure Summer Boredom