The Hidden Cost of Prom


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Prom at Mariott Solana in Trophy Club, Texas.

John Walsh, Reporter

Have you ever wondered why prom tickets cost so much? There are many hidden costs in planning a high school dance that many students and faculty do not even realize. Prom already has a reputation for being an expensive night for parents and teens across the nation, but even after all of the extravagant meals and outfits, there are still many hidden expenses when it comes to planning one of the most anticipated nights of the school year.

While prom is an expensive night for students, it is an equally, if not more, expensive night for the high school. The dance now features music, food, decorations, and even complimentary sunglasses for the attendees. However, there are many additional costs that the students don’t see, such as paying for police officers to do breathalyzer tests at the door, and suburbans to haul equipment and materials to and from the dance.

The average cost for the school to put on the dance ranges anywhere from $18,000 – $30,000, and steadily gets more and more expensive every year. After venue costs, food, music, and decorations, the costs begin to add up quickly.

“The main expense is the venue,” English teacher Leighann Fenter said. “Usually we have it at a hotel and in order to reserve their ballroom, they require that we have to spend a certain amount on food. Which is frustrating because so much of it gets wasted.”