Apple Downgrades with iPhone 7 Features

John Walsh, Junior Reporter

Apple fans everywhere are buzzing with the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, but people are slowly realizing that the company’s products have regressed in terms of convenience when it comes to the new “innovations” that the iPhone 7 brings.

The first “advancement” that the iPhone 7 has brought to the table is the headphone jack, or lack thereof. The new phone has completely scratched the idea of an audio jack in favor of Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, wireless headphones are not included with the purchase of the new phone; they are around $159 extra. The headphones that come with the phone are NOT wireless and plug into the charging port. Furthermore, the headphones may not be worn when they are charging. 

While Apple claims that the new iPhone is waterproof, this is not true. The new phone is slightly water and dust resistant, but it is not waterproof. The warranty for the phone is still voided when it comes to liquid damage. In addition, the resistance will “decrease as a result of normal wear”, making this another tacky feature that does not make much of a difference. Apple has also made the claim that the phone is slimmer. However, it is the same thickness as the iPhone 6, which detracts from the reason the headphone port was removed in the first place.

Overall, the new iPhone 7 seems like an unfinished product that is hopefully just ahead of its time. It won’t be known whether the product is worth the $649 until it is released. Hopefully, Apple surprises their customers with a product that is of better quality than the product that they described.