Snowden Movie Meets Expectations


John Walsh, Reporter

On September 16, the movie Snowden made its debut in theaters. The movie follows a dramatized version of the events leading up to Edward Snowden, a contractor for the United States, who leaked classified American documents to the public. Snowden believed the documents, containing information on the U.S wiretapping of it’s citizens, were vital enough that they needed to be seen by the American people. Whether or not Snowden’s actions should be considered treasonous, the movie examines Snowden’s point of view and his reasoning for leaking the American government’s confidential information.

Snowden is an action/biographical drama that has received mixed ratings and reviews based on the subject material. Overall, the movie is interesting and entertaining. It has a good blend of action and romance in a factual and realistic manner. It gives an idea of what the inside workings of many of the U.S.  government agencies are actually like. The movie is relevant and has become a dividing line among the American public.

“I thought the movie was exciting,” junior Madison Ralston said. “It was worth the watch.”

Snowden has grossed over 16.9 million in the U.S box office and is still earning money overseas. This movie is a must-see because it gives a look into the thought process of Edward Snowden when he leaked the information about the government’s actions. Snowden put the ideals of liberty and freedom in America under a looking glass and leaves the viewer questioning how much freedom the American citizen has.