The Church of Scientology is located in Irving, Texas. (Sam Mykel / The Talon News)

The Science Behind Scientology

January 16, 2020

People all over the world struggle with mental illnesses and do not know how to cope. L. Ron Hubbard claims he has a solution. 

Hubbard released “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” in May of 1950. The book is supposed to give advice on how to cope with mental illnesses and is also used as the outline for Hubbard’s religion, Scientology. Scientology uses bits and pieces from many different cultures to give advice on how to be a better person.

“In Scientology, whatever’s going wrong in your life, we’re here to help and you will improve and get better with us,” an anonymous member said. “We use the word Thetan. The term Thetan is taken from the Greek letter theta which has long served as a symbol for thought and spirit. You are a being, an intelligence of consciousness.”

Scientologists don’t believe that a human is really a human, but instead a spirit within a body which they call Thetan.

“It isn’t something you have,” an anonymous source said. “It is you. You have a mind and a body but you are Thetan.”

The Golden Age of Knowledge sits in the Church of Scientology. (Sam Mykel/ The Talon News)

Scientology is said to be more of an idea and not a religion, which they claim helps more than 4 million people each year.

“The basic principle of Scientology is to use it as a tool,” an anonymous member said. “It’s something you don’t need to believe in, just understand it and apply it to make your life better.”

Although it is a fairly new religion, Scientology has grown fast and has even established churches in places such as Irving, Texas with their headquarters being in Clearwater, Florida.

“There are more than 9,000 Scientology churches, missions and groups in the world today,” an anonymous member said.

Hubbard traveled to many places throughout his life and gathered information while on these trips so he could try and help as many people as possible. 

“Hubbard made many discoveries along the way of his life,” an anonymous member said. “He was interested in everything and wanted to know what everyone had in common. He discovered that everyone just wanted to survive and so he made discoveries to help people cope with that and to make their life better.”

Hubbard would share his teachings while also preaching what he practiced.

“Mr. Hubbard was like a wiseman,” an anonymous member said. “He’d let people come to him and tell him their troubles and he’d help them with it and use it in his research when writing ‘Dianetics.’”

Those who are members of the Church of Scientology feel the Scientology is more than a religion.

“Scientology isn’t a religion to many of us,” an anonymous member said. “We think of it as more a way of life or a way to solve our problems and become better people. I wouldn’t be the same without it and it’s something everyone should consider looking in too.”


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