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A spooky treat for Halloween night. (Trinity Flaten / The Talon News)

Vampire Bite Shirley Temple

October 31, 2019

This spin on the classic Shirley Temple will keep your Halloween season from “sucking.”



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A simple and spooky beverage for your Halloween parties. (Katy Atkins / The Talon News)

Lemon-Lime Soda



Plastic Vampire Teeth

Straw or Dropper (recommended)


  1. Use a dropper or straw to fill the bottom set of teeth with the grenadine solution until it reaches the top.
  2. Carefully place the teeth in a freezer and let it set for at least three hours. (Note: The grenadine will not freeze in an average freezer, but after a couple of hours, it will have a gelatinous consistency.)
  3. To construct the “Vampire Bites Shirley Temple,” place a cherry in the bottom of a cup. (I recommend a glass cup to achieve the desired effect.)
  4. Pour the lemon-lime soda into the cup.
  5. Place the top set of teeth (the set without the grenadine) on the rim of the glass and allow the set with the frozen grenadine to rest in the soda. (Note: If the bottom set of teeth is not fully submerged into the soda, simply pour more grenadine until the teeth appear to “bleed.”)


Et Voila! Enjoy your spooky season.


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