Choir students pose with the canned food they donated to families in need around at Argyle High School on October 5th. (Emma Campbell / The Talon News)

Helping Hands

Pre-Calculus Teacher, Choir Start Food Drive

October 11, 2019

To help those in need in the community, the high school choir partnered with pre-calculus teacher Marla Warden to gather food items to pass out to local families. Warden rallied eleven students to deliver food and household supplies to four families on Oct. 5.

[The food drive] started out with me sending emails out to every student’s parent in all of my classes,”  Warden said. 

Junior Alex Govea was inspired by Warden and helped to get the choir program involved. 

Some of the teachers participated, but a couple of weeks ago Govea and the choir officers contacted me and asked how choir could contribute to the efforts already taking place,” choir director William Griswold said. “Govea is very passionate about serving the Argyle community, and after he spoke with our choir president, Amanda Cheatham, everyone got on board and we pushed out a school-wide service project the next day.”

The choir took on this project with the hopes of helping those in need and bringing a sense of community. 

“We want to let these families know that we’re here for them as a community and that we care about them and they’re loved,” Govea said. “The end results really are very powerful when you see how much so little can do for each student, and it ends up being food for a month for a family in need.”

The four families they helped were in “desperate need” and “struggling” financially, with many large families out of work, and one household member “dying of cancer.”

Some of them are too old, sick, or young to work minimum wage jobs,” Warden said.  

The project had a large turnout of volunteers to help fill the boxes with various food items and necessities. 

80 members of the high school choir, as well as a handful of other students,  participated and donated items,” Griswold said. “At least seven boxes full of food, kitchen supplies, and toiletries have been donated.”

Griswold plans to have the choir participate in at least one service project each semester. 

“Never underestimate young people and their ability to rally together and serve others,” Griswold said. “Even the smallest acts of kindness are worth it. Something that seems small to you may not be small to another.”

Warden hopes the donations impact both the families and students involved. 

“No matter what life brings, [if] you help somebody, and I can’t begin to stress to you,” Warden said. “You will feel better and those people will be beyond blessed as well. I hope the students who helped deliver and give let their lives be changed and never stop giving.”

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