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Junior Colby Raasch enjoys the benefits of his small theater class on Nov. 28, 2018. (Jake Pool / The Talon News)

Does Class Size Matter?

May 20, 2019

Crowded classrooms, noisy hallways, and never-ending lunch lines are daily problems at large schools, where students are merely a number in their class rank and a name on a roll call paper. However, students at small schools are able to thrive in classes where they know each classmate and teacher personally. Recent studies show that the size of a class has a direct impact on students’ learning experience and life during and after high school.

Students in classes sizing less than 17 have significantly higher test scores than those in classes of 30 or more. This is because they have more time for assignments and more time to get feedback from teachers. Classes with fewer students also can get one on one help during class, and don’t necessarily have to go in for tutorials outside of school. Additionally, they have better discussions as there are more opportunities for everyone to voice their opinions. 

In contrast to large schools, smaller classes allow students to grow personally and be themselves. Students are more comfortable speaking up when they are talking in front of less people. Especially for those that are shy, classes with fewer students may make them more willing to open up and can boost their confidence.

While class size does effect students in school, it also has a large impact on them outside of class as well. Students at large schools typically have more social events to attend and there is more going on in the area. At small schools, many friend groups have already been made by high school, and new students can find it harder to establish solid relationships with people that have been around the same few students their entire life.

Class size is arguably the most important aspect of the high school experience. How many people a person interacts with on a day to day basis effects their school life and personal life. In small schools, people are more aware of each other and what they’re up to. At large schools with hundreds of students in each grade, it is completely normal to go through high school and know less than half of the grade. The number of students in a class will drastically affect the daily life of a high school student. 


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